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A [TRO] game design competition.

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Game on!
Game-fu 4 has just ended.
Next proposal - a marathon where old entries get polished.
What's all this, then?

Ok. On 08-13-2008, 06:18 AM Gene Freak proposed:

In the spirit of Game Chef I'd like to challenge my fellow forum-ites to a game off.

The idea is we take however many challengers we can, get one (or a few) judge(s) to then give us three ingredients that have to be incorporated into the game. We then have one week to make the game. At the end of that period, the judge(s) review the games and declare someone a winner.

This challenge was quickly taken up, and several games were created and judged.

And then we did it again, and again, and...

Can anyone join in?

Sure! You can challenge yourself and if you post your results to the end of the latest thread, I'll add it here; with a note that you entered later than everyone else.

If you want to compete against everyone else, there should be another one run soon! Check the latest thread, they've been run a couple of months apart each time, so far.

And the previous entries? I can play those?

Sure. They're all available for download. Some are more polished than others; but that's what the reviews are for. Enjoy!