Game Fu : One

My Game Fu is Stronger than Yours

This contest was run by Gene Freak.
Choose four elements, at least one from each category.
This contest ran from the 16th until the 23rd of August 2008.
Aesir Raven's entry:
Mad Science Boys - Genius, social Awkardness and Science. Inspired by Dexter's Laboratory and similar.
Dee Cee's entry:
Raie the Horns - A pre-apocalyptic game of rock legends that turns it up to twelve.
Secant's entry:
Hivemind - A game of clones working within a hive environment.
Vitenka's entry:
Pretty Princess Death Dowry - A game of Pricesses competing ruthlessly to marry then murder a Prince.
Gene Freak's entry:
To win the Royal Heart - Potential suitors to a Royal Pricess newly ascended to the throne.