Game Fu : Four

Your game-fu is Weak! And Obsolete!

This contest was run by Vitenka, and judged by Vitenka and AesirRaven
Choose at least five elements, at least one from each list. The elements were proposed by the contestants.
The challenge ran until the 16th of March, 2009.
Rules constraints:
Genre Tropes: Put the three things given into a different genre. (That is, the listed genre is forbidden.)
Images (thumbnailed, click for full size):
[Cyber City] [Barbed Wire] [Arctic Express] [Chrome] [Crumbling Tower] [Alien Crash] [Masked Girl] [Lattice Tree] [Steam Punk] [Delphian Calamity] [Psychic Circle] [Pink Ziggurat] [House]
Kafkonia's entry:
Logosphere - book-worlds overlap reality.